The Mexican Journal of Chemical Engineering is a publication where the submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed, and therefore, it is understood that all the parties involved in the evaluation process (authors, reviewers, editors, sponsors) accept to adhere to accepted international ethics standards referring to scientific journals. Extensive ethical guidelines are available from the Royal Society of Chemistry ( and in the  American Chemical Society (

Briefly, the duties are for:

  • Authors:  are responsible of precision, objectivity and veracity of the information contained in the article. Published information must be original, or when portions of the work or words from others are used, proper citation must be used. Copying  substantial parts of articles made by third parties, or attributing research results from others as their own is considered plagiarism and it is unacceptable. The authors should refrain from submitting papers containing essentially the same information already published elsewhere. The authors must not submit the same manuscrupt to be evaluated by more than one journal. Our journal uses plagiarism-detecting engines such as plagiarisma to prevent plagiarism. 
  • Editors: must evaluate  the manuscripts on the basis of their intelectual contents, without considering other affairs. They must select reviewers who are experts in the field of the manuscripts without interest conflict. All the submissions must be subject to the maximum level of confidentiality. The editors must decline to handle manuscripts from authors with whom they have a conflict of interest. The editors must  report to the authors the decision resulting from the evaluation process.
  • Reviewers: are responsible of performing a prompt and objective evaluation of the manuscript so that the editor can reach a decision about the manuscript. The reviewers must express their point of view in a clear and respectful manner on the basis of soild scientific arguments. Every manuscript must be treated as confidential documents and must not be used for personal benefit.