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  • J.J. Islas-Hernández. Coordinación de Fisiología y Tecnología de alimentos de la Zona Templada. Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo
  • R. Salgado-Delgado Instituto Tecnológico de Zacatepec
Keywords: starch, X-ray difraction, differential scanning calorimetry, ´Golden Delicious Smoothee´


We evaluated the effect of two isolation methods (SN method= water washes, and the ST method= toluene washes) in terms of yield and physicochemical, morphological, thermal, structural and rheological properties of starches of ´Smoothee Golden Delicious´ apples harvested at 60 and 90 days after flowering (DAF). The size of the granules were not influenced by the isolation method, but by fruit maturity, going from 2.7-8.6 to 4.5-9 µm at 60 and 90 DAF, respectively. The SN method showed better yields than the ST method, but the purity of the starches was similar in both cases (> 92%). The color of the starches was influenced both by the isolation method and fruit maturity. The rheological properties varied with fruit maturity; the consistency index (K) ranged from 5.49 to 15.19 Pa sn for apples harvested at 60 and 90 DAF, indicating possible structural changes in the granules. All starches exhibited a type-C diffraction pattern and low gelatinization enthalpies between 6.90 and 10.20 J/g. Immature apples can be an alternative source of starch with specific physicochemical and structural properties.



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