• P.B. Zamudio-Flores
  • J.M. Tirado-Gallegos
  • J.G. Monter-Miranda
  • A. Aparicio-Saguilan
  • J.G. Torruco-Uco Inst. Tec. de Tuxtepec
  • R. Salgado-Delgado Inst. Tec. de Zacatepec
  • L.A. Bello-Pérez Centro de Desarrollo de Productos Bióticos del IPN
Keywords: : in vitro starch digestibility, thermal properties, oat starch, functional properties


in vitro digestibility of flours and starches from three varieties of oats (Avena sativa L. cv “Cuauhtemoc”, “Teporaca” and “Bachíniva”) grown in the northwestern region (Chihuahua State) of Mexico were evaluated. The physicochemical properties (color evaluation and proximate analysis, quantifying of total and resistant starch and the apparent amylose content) were studied and the thermal properties were determined, pasting, rheological and functional using differential scanning calorimetry, rapid visco-analysis of viscosity, flow curves at steady state, swelling power, solubility and stability to freeze-thawing, respectively. Among the flours and starches no significant difference was observed, however the digestibility was higher in starch, indicating the presence of other compounds which can encourage digestibility, which was confirmed in the proximal and in the determination of electron microscopy analysis sweep. Flour and starch had the highest cv Cuauhtémoc  ∆H compared with the flour and starch Bach´ıniva and Teporaca. The functional properties of freeze-thawing stability increased with increasing number of cycles; however, decreased when the temperature increased. These varieties could find any practical application in various food systems and could be a potential food source for people with eating disorders (v. gr. celiac patients).


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