Decentralized robust tube-based model predictive control: Application to a four-tank -system

  • F. D.J. Sorcia-Vázquez
  • C. D. García-Beltrán
  • G. Valencia-Palomo
  • J. A. Brizuela-Mendoza
  • J. Y. Rumbo-Morales
Keywords: Model predicted control, Decentralized control, Nonlinear control, Robust control.


This paper presents a decentralized model predictive controller for nonlinear systems that considers interaction between control inputs. The controller is based on a centralized robust tube-based nonlinear model predictive controller. The main contribution is a procedure to split the process model into s subsystems in order to construct s robust tube-based controllers ensuring a bounded linearization error. In order to show the applicability and effectiveness of the development, the proposed controller is tested on a coupled-tank system and the results are compared with a centralized nonlinear model predictive controller.


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