Revista Mexicana de Ingeniería Química, Vol. 22, No. 3 (2023), Sim2347

Entropy and Hurst analysis for the determination of two-phase flow time series complexity

A. Marin-Lopez, H. Puebla, J. A. Martínez-Cadena, J. Alvarez-Ramirez



The complexity in time series of two-phase flow is associate with the interaction of gas bubbles and liquid phase, this interaction shows characteristic that depend on different condition such as low rate, physical properties phases, geometry, and tube inclination, etc. This work uses singular value decomposition (SVD) entropy and rescaled range analysis (R/S) to evaluated complexity in voltage signals of four flow patterns. Entropy helps to understand the complexity of each flow pattern, while R/S analysis allows detecting long-range correlations that exist in a time series. Results shows the entropy by SVD and R/S analysis in time series are interesting techniques that can use for the identification of flow patterns with the advantage that are easy to use and implement due to their low computational cost.

Keywords: flow-pattern, fractal analysis, entropy, voltage series.



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